Milano Fashion Week Woman Fall Winter 2017/2018

Herno takes the occasion of Milan Fashion Week to let discover the "pieces" of history hidden in this swirling last decade, in which passion for technology is confirmed and represents luxury for the garments. Herno chooses the Mudec and a special video maker, the young talent Luca Finotti, to tell about its history.

The detail is a “small” part of the complex textile sector system. Excellence is so common in Italian fashion, that turns a complementary object into an essential one. Herno's details speak about its product, the same details called “unnecessary necessity” by Einstein.

The detail enhances Herno's craftsmanship, design rules, fabrics' choice, tailoring virtuosity, quality and incomparable attention; the detail lives up the extraordinary resources of Made in Italy textile and the ones of Herno, that still promotes a dialogue between tradition and innovation.

Herno for the first time describes the garment's movement, its wearability, its shapes, its substance, its dedication, its research and the passion for those who love and appreciate details.

Herno believes in details and chooses to be "no logo", it acquires its brand awareness through specific features as shapes, manufactory, fabrics and details that make each garment unique, recognisable and inimitable: details make the difference.

Egg shapes, capes and A-shape. Round collar, ¾ sleeves, maxi zips and press buttons now are its unfailing trademark. They are a hallmark in the women's collection and they are matched with different fabrics, combinations and patterns. The shape is clear, iconic and well recognisable.