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Herno re-double in Rome

Herno inaugurates a new space in the Capital. The store is handled by the group of Luxury Living of Massimiliano Sermoneta. The group is synonimous of luxury and it is one of the most famous companies in the world of the Luxury retail world among other

The location stays in one of the most famous streets of the city: Via Borgognona. 

In the new 120 sqm space, all the identifying elements of the brand are added, such as the bookcase made of beech, symbolic keeper of the history of Herno, the living area and the vertical green wall as the landscape of the iconic exhibition concept – the beams made of steel satin and the famous hook combined with the belt made of leather that displays men’s and women’s collections.
The floors are made of natural oak wood as well as the walls are covered by a slate and soft flannel that reminds the pragmatism of the brand.
An absolute innovation is the introduction of a new space dedicated to the world of Laminar, with a black logo with burned effect: Sartorial Engineering for men and Couture Engineering for women. In this area the beams, with a carbon fiber motif, recall technology and the collections are hung with ropes and hooks of Alpine origins.
At the center of the area there is an imposing crystal table with images of the Erno river that once again underline the strong bond with the territory where the company isa based.

Outside of the store there are five shop windows made of glass and five cases made of crystal that hold a giant poster of Herno. They characterize the facade of the building.