Milano Fashion Week Woman Spring Summer 2018

"I am a man of simple tastes; I am always satisfied with the best." - Oscar Wilde

Touch. Smell. Taste.

Herno takes the occasion of SS 18 women's collection presentation to invite you to discover its new space in Milan in a further delight play.

The celebration of the aftertaste, that faithfully preserves the true taste, instead of the simple taste which sometimes is modified by the distraction of the moment, trends, appetites and desires of this fast century. Both an aftertaste of a dish from DaVittorio and of Herno Garments.

It is a stylish bond between fashion and culinary art. Both are diamond tips of Made in Italy. Both are seen as beauty seekers, frequently through simplicity, which is today the truly new level of exclusivity.

Herno also offers the refined simplicity of those who, from 70 years read and interpret the tradition of time. The garments, mix elegance and innovation with the knowledge of know-how.

The game includes the movement and mixture of colours, weave and ingredients that exalt the design and collection. Morning Light, Wood Life, Break Up: are the colour sequins of the collection that exalts the style of the showroom; the stone, the wood, the material on the walls, the leather and the iconic aluminium hooks. The culinary path elaborated by the 3 Michelin stars DaVittorio is perfectly choreographed by the slate, the flannel, the lodge library made in beech with contemporary art books, old photos, digital videos, music and fireplace. All on the huge vertical greenery and waterfall that remembers the bond and respect of the place for the origins.

Let's open with orange, the colour of spices, that matches with the shades of mahogany and with the pure white of morning light. We found the A-shape laser cut thermotaped models, moreover reversible. Models are made with a mix & match of fabrics; shining bouclé for the bon-ton down jackets and cotton with a film, that creates a waxed effect.

Let's proceed with the hot nuance of saffron-yellow, combined with soft cream tones of beige. In this section we found the luxury coats with double manufactory made in light cashmere, the soft suede with sequins details for cocktail coats and blazers. Water resistant cotton for raincoats and trench, must have for spring outerwear.

We also find the blossom green of the new buds, emphasize by white and coal black, that together coexist and create almost a geometric balance. Stand out the manufactory of knit matched with cotton; scuba fabric in crepe version for the coats with 50's taste. Nylon stretch in a vaguely iridescent version for the sporty glam models. In the end down jackets with gym details.