70 years of history

Signed by “two men from the lake”d.o.c, it is already the preface to reveal that the story goes beyond dates, passages of time and facts: Claudio Marenzi and Andrea Vitali intimately introduce closely the lake manner that can only be understood by those born on the banks of the lake and unite an entrepreneur and a successful writer, even if they come from different lake shores.

“He comes from the lake too, the sender, twin lake to mine, lake of the hearth and nostalgia. Lake brought around the world through a novel, made by another author that tells about our common world, cure for relieve the time of nostòs.” Andrea Vitali.

Claudio Marenzi entrusts his unpublished vision of his family’s history to the enquiring pen of Francesco Brunacci, professor of Fashion & Creative Writing from the Polimoda of Florence, who after interviewing the Herno CEO has included the most personal and passionate tones.

Published by teNeues with international distribution, the opening words “At the beginning it was water. The one that brings the vital flow. The one that creates…”, are already summarized by the title “in flumine est vita”, inspired by an old Herno 50’s label, when there was the boom of the so-called “imper”. But flipping through it turns out that the dynastic tribute, the water element of both river and lake, and the performing product that draws inspiration from it, are well-interpreted by the noble lens of Giovanni Gastel and by the underwater lens of Asako Narahashi.

The poetic views from and under water towards the shores of Lake Maggiore photographed by the Japanese artist will be on display in the Tokyo’s store for the occasion, while it’s the refined lighting of Giovanni Gastel that honour the hook and the garments worn by contemporary art-word celebrities like of contemporary art like Massimo Kaufmann, Stefano Arienti, Adrian Paci, Andrea Bowers, Margherita Manzelli, Nicholas Party, Gianni Caravaggio, Andrea Galliano, Patrik Tuttofuoco and in a selfie by Gastel himself.

They are the same artists who, through their works displayed in Lesa, let us discover the HQ of Herno and the passions held and treasured for these first 70 years.