Lines, twists, strong color shades and flash lights on contemporary garments with strong shapes but with a soft romantic touch

On the iconic hook we can find the A shape models, over volumes and cocoon, the embracing  kimono shapes, le robe de chambre, the coats with feminine and minimal lines inspired by Jackie Kennedy, the most sporty street style sweatshirt, the city parka and the unique capes.

The fabrics range from wools – mohair, cashmere, virgin wool – to soft velour – in straight version and matched with a metallic yarn. Luxury furs, such as mink, fox or the sporty shearling presented also in a patchwork pattern or in an eco-version. High tech materials such as the dynamic neoprene in a new lurex version, and nylon – silky effect, ultralight, vinyl and soft touch with the luxury jacquard manufactory. And then the most classic cashmere knitwear and fabrics with needle punching technique. 

The colour palette ranges from neutral tones of cream through the natural ones until lead greys. 

The most vibrant ones are a recall to the distinctive elements of Herno DNA: green and cyclamen violet that marked the vertical green of the headquarters, showroom and stores.

Blue and light blue are a clear recall to the river’s water that flows close to the factory. To conclude the red color, symbol of the fireplace conviviality, concept of Herno’s living. 

The patterns are the most classic from the sartorial world: herringbones, micro-check and maxi multicolor pied-de-poule. 

New camouflage pattern on the most pop nylons and furs.

Shapes, materials and colours are mixed in order to create a collection rich in history and identity.