Herno opens its first U.S. store in New York's buzzing SoHo district and it tells a totally italian story – to be experienced firsthand.

Herno invites you to its new 160 sqm Manhattan store, located on the iconic Greene Street in the heart of the Soho shopping district.

The space is a combination of stone, wood, fabric, leather – and, of course, Herno's distinctive steel hooks. The walls, covered in slate and flannel, call to mind the brand’s pragmatism; large canvases, also in cut flannel and with backlit slatting, recall modern works of art; screens embedded in the bookshelves play scenes of swirling water, like in contemporary video art, speaking to the future and serving as a counterpoint to the images between past and present that play on another screen with the faces of those who've worked or work in the company.
Elements from nature punctuate the space: the "memory of fire" in the minimalist design fireplace warmly beckons you in; a green wall, small plants decorating the bookshelves and a fountain at the entrance connect visitors to nature and the heritage of the company's home, which since 1948 has been based in the wooded region along the banks of Lake Maggiore, near the Erno river. That's where our ideas and products take form still today.

Our men's, women's, kids and laminar collections represent a further step forward in the growth of the company, which is increasingly counted among the leaders in luxury fashion, thanks in part to its decision to display its garments hanging on hooks without suggesting how to wear them or what to wear them with, without dictating a style, and thus leaving consumers free to determine their own style.