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A welcoming space

Every Herno space is designed to host people. Anyone who comes in will find a living room with an armchair, a sofa, a fireplace and a library. An invitation to enjoy the luxury of spending time finding out about the history of the company, kept in the Library: between the shelves, garments hanging on iconic hooks alternate with art books to flick through, old photographs and family portraits, videos of the faces who work for the company.
The design of every Herno point of sale is designed to convey the lasting union between nature and knowledge, culture and elegance, modernity and tradition: wood, slate, the vertical green walls, the transparent areas, the water fountains, both real and on screen, are all a tribute to the setting in which the company has been based since 1948, a forest on the banks of Lake Maggiore, close to the Erno river. The panelling, alternating flannel with stone and wood, provides the backdrop for the coats that hang on the iconic hooks made of steel, a reference to technology, together with leather, a symbol of tradition. No mannequins or hangers: at Herno it is the freely accessible garment that takes centre stage, because imagination can flow in those who take the time to look. In those who like to feel and see with their own eyes. Because, as Aristotle said, seeing is believing.